Current shop : USA
Current shop : USA


From its humble beginnings in Belgium, CanvasCamp has become one of the worlds leading canvas tent providers. We specialize in 100% pure cotton tents for both private and commercial use. In its almost 15 years of unprecedented popularity, CanvasCamp has set the standard for quality canvas tentage. As a result, our tents are found all over the world: the Benelux countries, France, the UK, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and now, in the USA!!!

"Nature creates the setting for the CanvasCamp story. This is where it all started, and where it still happens today. This is where the needs were defined and the ideas were created. This is where the experienced and amateurs alike still challenge and explore. This is also where they need the right equipment; equipment matching their needs, budget, and ambition. These are the CanvasCamp ways.

It has been an invariable part of our business strategy to always bring creativity, common sense, and a never failing realism into the innovation of any new product. Our aim has always been to provide high quality at very affordable prices. As we have experienced nothing but growth in our company’s lifetime, it seems that many find this approach rather appealing. We are proud of every product that bears our name. Proud because every single piece of equipment in our range holds the innovative, forward-looking, and unmistakable sense of design we are so famous for. And proud because we know for a fact that our products will provide you with the best possible experience, no matter how harsh the landscape and climate you choose to challenge when exploring the world – the CanvasCamp way.

We specialize in 100% pure cotton tents and small event tents for professional and personal use. We have many years of experience in supplying tents all over the world for all kinds of purposes. CanvasCamp tents are made in a factory that works exclusively for us. We carefully search for the best materials so that we can always guarantee the very best quality at the lowest price. We will endeavour to answer any questions that you may have and provide the best advise that our vast experience enables us to do. All of our employees have extensive experience and training in our products and can provide you with expert advice. We value your business as this is our livelihood, passion, and something we are proud of, and therefore we dedicate all our time and attention to it. We hope this is reflected in the personal, polite, and prompt professional service we give. It’s evident in all we do and has translated to our continued success."

Frederik Hiergens

CanvasCamp CEO & founder. 


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