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Tipi 600 Ultimate

Tipi 600 Ultimate

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Eye catching for the campground hero and technical for the backcountry warrior, the 600 Tipi is massive and can comfortably accommodate 6+ with gear!  The conical shape provides unparalleled strength to withstand deep snow, driving rains, and gale force winds.  The single center pole makes set up fast and easy. 

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Size and Weight

  • Diameter: 19 feet 7 inches
  • Center Pole Height: 11 feet 6 inches
  • Floor space: 304ft2
  • Weight: 86lbs


  • Zip in/out bathtub style groundsheet
  • Cinch-up walls for maximum ventilation
  • Tipi cap with adjustable guy lines for ventilation
  • Sewn in mesh door
  • Spring loaded center pole for easy set up
  • Durable guy lines, tensioners, and stakes

Facts and Stats

  • 1 Person Pitch time on grass: 15 minutes
  • Wind Resistance: up to 55mph
  • Sleeps 3 ‘glamping’ style on 1 queen and 1 cot
  • Sleeps 6 ‘camping’ style on 6 sleeping pads


  • Materials

    • 15.9oz/yd² ripstop PVC bathtub floor, zip in/out, completely removable, 4” high
    • 9.4oz/yd² 100 % cotton canvas.  Lightly treated for water, UV, and mold resistance for maximum breathability.
    • 1-1/8” spring-loaded nickel plated steel center pole with rubber feet
    • Sewn in no-seeum mesh door
    • 3mm guy ropes with tensioners, must be tied on for first pitch
    • Ground sheet, canvas, and guy stakes
    • Cotton canvas carry bag
    • Pole and stake bags

™The Seal of Cotton is a trademark of Cotton Incorporated.


Dynamic Conical Shape

The cone shape of the tipi, widely embraced by Native Americans of the Great Plains, sheds wind, rain, and snow better than any other tent shape.  The single center pole provides unrivaled tensile strength that extends all the way to the ground.  A well-pitched Tipi can withstand gale force winds and driving snow!

Cinchable Walls

Need some extra breeze in the tent for those hot summer days?  The Tipi’s guy line system is especially designed to cinch up and provide extra airflow!  Simply unzip the floor, release the canvas from the stakes, and pull the guy lines tight to create a ‘floating’ Tipi for maximum ventilation.


Our Ultimate groundsheets are durable, thermally welded, 15.9oz/yd² ripstop PVC.  Completely water and vapor impenetrable, the ‘bathtub style’ floor rises 4 inches high to keep you dry even in standing water.  Using a heavy duty size 10 zipper to attach the canvas to the groundsheet, you can unzip the floor to cinch up the canvas walls for maximum ventilation, or remove the groundsheet entirely for transport, storage, cleaning, or to enjoy the grass or sand beneath your feet. 

Spring Loaded Poles

Our durable nickel plated steel poles have internal spring loaded wires that guide the pole sections together for quick and easy assembly.

Durable Guy Lines and Tensioners

For quick pitching in mild weather the Tipi can stand just fine without guy lines.  When the wind howls, the snow falls, or if your camping out for a long time, guy lines are recommended.  Our Ultimate series comes with 3mm guy ropes that will need to be tied on before your first pitch.  Check out our assembly instructions at the top of this page to get a feel for the initial set up process.  Plastic tensioners prevent edges from cutting into the guy lines and prolong the life of your tent.

Steel Stakes and Pegs

The Tipi has three sets of stakes: one set each for the groundsheet, canvas, and guy lines.  The Tipi stakes are designed for easy insertion and removal from average earth, like grass or forest floor.  For staking to particularly hard or rocky soil, D60 nails are cheap, easily sourced, and can be placed and removed with a standard claw hammer. 

Ultimate Canvas

Our 9.4oz/yd² army duck canvas on the is the perfect balance of performance and breathability.    Our proprietary treatment enhances the natural water resistance of canvas, along with a light UV and mold resistance.  The Ultimate is ideal for casual camping in mild to moderate environments for three season use.  Repairable and retreatable, a properly maintained Ultimate can last for years and years. 

Cotton canvas provides a natural waterproofing and breathability.  Cotton fibers swell when damp, the tight weave prevents rain from penetrating and the surface tension of moisture on the outside combined with the angle of the canopy allows water to run off.  Moisture held in the air on the inside is still able to escape directly through the fabric, keeping internal humidity low and mitigating condensation.  Check out our FAQ for more information than you could ever need to know about Cotton Canvas and proper tent maintenance. 


Our canvas is exclusively 100% cotton.  Cotton is made from the seed hair of this hardy and drought tolerant plant. Sustainable, renewable, and one of the most biodegradable fabrics on earth.  Our canvas is a soft, natural, earthy beige that glows inside and out with natural or artificial light.  CanvasCamp is the only tent manufacture to carry the official Seal of Cotton®.

Stove Compatibility

The Tipi is compatible with any of our tent stoves.  The Frontier Portable Stove as an optional Tipi Sleeve specifically designed for top exiting the flu pipe.  The Orland Stoves can be exited by outfitting the tipi with our modular stove jack system.  Not for use with open fire pits.  We encourage you to be vigilant about fire safety and are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  CanvasCamp cannot be held liable for any damage or injury to persons or property resulting from the use or misuse of fire or flammable materials in or around our tents.

14 day money back guarantee.  Check out our warranty and return policy in our FAQ for more information.


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