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Exit I stove jack

Exit I stove jack

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One of the primary benefits of canvas is it's ability to breathe, thereby releasing the moisture that is always accumulating inside a tent. This becomes particularly pronounced in cooler weather when water begins to condense inside a tent. A wood stove is the perfect solution for this situation, driving moisture out while keeping its occupants warm and toasty while giving them the ability to cook food,warm water and dry their gear out.

A little-known fact about wood stoves is that most of the heat comes not from the firebox but the 1st few feet of the exhaust pipe. The greater length of pipe inside the tent, the more warmth you will get from the stove. However, putting a hole in the roof of a tent can sometimes cause a leak at the stove jack during the rainy season, so another option is to have the stove exhaust exit through the side of the tent. In this situation where the exhaust pipe is necessarily very short, a larger firebox is called for. 

Note: All Canvascamp tents accept all models of stove jacks.


  • 2 clamping plates
  • High-temp rubber boot
  • Mounting nuts & bolts
  • Diameter metal ring exterior: 9.44 inches
  • Diameter metal ring interior: 7.7 inches


A stove jack is an absolute necessity when using a wood stove inside a tent. The Exit I Stove Jack features a fireproof orange rubber boot that is cut to fit by the user and accepts a double wall stove pipe up to 5" in diameter, or up to a 4" single wall. The Exit I is recommended for vertical-exit stove producing less that 13,000BTU/4kW (smaller than 2cf). All mounting hardware is included.

To select the correct Stove Jack for your application, please read our FAQ

NOTE: Educate yourself regarding the dangers of fire and carbon monoxide associated with the use of wood stoves inside tents. Always extinguish a heat source before going to bed. We highly advise the use of a spark mat under your stove. CanvasCamp is not liable for any damage or injury resulting in the use of any manner of flame or heat source inside of any CanvasCamp tent. 

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