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Current shop : USA


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Follow the steps to find the perfect canvas tent for you!  

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Step 1:  Compare the Sibley series

Keep in mind your environment, how often you will be camping, the seasons you'll be camping in.

Sibley Comparison Chart


Step 2:  Compare the Sibley Sizes

Think about how many people (and animals) you'll be camping with, the amount of gear or furniture you'll have, and how much space you want.

Size Comparison

Note: The tents depicted above are intended to be visual representations of the standing/sleeping capacity of the tent for comparison purposes and are not intended as scale models.


Step 3:  Check the Specs

Scroll down to the size of your choice, check out the specifications, and click the link below the infographics to shop your chosen series.

Sibley 400

Click to shop the 400 in the Free | Deluxe | Ultimate | Pro | ProTech

500 Sibley

Click to shop the 500 in the Free | Deluxe | Ultimate | Pro | ProTech

Sibley 600

Click to shop the 600 in the Free | Ultimate | ProTech

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