Current shop : USA
Current shop : USA

Tent Stoves

There is nothing better than curling up next to a warm fire with a book, a day dream, a loved one.  Tent stoves are one of many advantages to camping in canvas.  Our wood burning tent stoves are designed for use in tents but can be outfitted for campers, yurts, even van life.  Click here for all the information you need to know on portable wood burning camp stoves, placement, and safe operation. 

Looking for the short answer?  The Orland stoves are far and away the best solution for the vast majority of applications.  Easy to use, efficient, safe, exceptional heat output, and can be exited out a side window while keeping your canvas intact.  A CanvasCamp exclusive!

Have questions about what stove is best for you? Check out our All About Stoves Page or Contact us and talk to a stove expert! 

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